Local Cycling Issues

Durham Plan – Examination in Public (2014-9-1)

As members may know, County Durham has for some time now been preparing the Local Plan. The draft Plan has now been submitted to the Planning Inspectorate and there will now be an Examination to test whether it is “sound”. This is due to start October 1 and run for the best part of the […]

Durham County Plan (2013-12-2)

As people may know, the County Council is at the final stages of preparing its Plan for the future of the County until 2030. This covers many issues but includes sustainable transport. At present, the Pre submission Draft of the Plan is out for consultation. the Consultation period expires on 9 Dec I have prepared […]

Sunderland and Gateshead Local Plans (2013-10-20)

I know we do not cycle often in these areas but both of course lie within the old County Durham. Sunderland has recently produced a Core Strategy and Preferred Options document for Consultation (which expired on 11 October). The Council has made a number of good proposals to encourage cycling in the future. I have […]

North Pennines AONB draft Management Plan (2013-10-2)

The North Pennines Area of Natural Beauty Partnership has recently issued a draft Management Plan and the Consultation Period has just ended. Much of this document is welcome and not all the proposals are relevant for our Club. However some are and I have responded to suggest improvements for safe and enjoyable cycling in this […]

Bike Theft Reduction Campaign (2013-8-5)

There is a meeting tomorrow (6 August) at County Hall starting at 10.00 to discuss this Campaign with the Police. The Police have produced a Report on how they are dealing with this and ways people can better protect their bike. Unfortunately it is about 30 pages too long but if anyone wants to read […]

Strategic Cycling Routes (2013-8-1)

Further to my previous post, two draft maps have now been prepared, one for Durham City and the other for the County. These can be seen by clicking on the following link http://durhamcc-consult.limehouse.co.uk/public/planning/csrc/csr and then clicking on “Supporting Documents” at the bottom of the information At present this looks very broad brush but hopefully there […]

Strategic Cycling Routes (2013-7-24)

As you may know the County Council are currently preparing the County Durham Plan. This will be an important document as it will be the framework for development in the coming years. They are now preparing maps to show strategic cycling routes in Durham City and county wide. At present these are not completed but […]

Proposals from the County Council (2013-2-18)

I have received the following e mail from Victoria Lloyd, the County’s Sustainable Travel Officer, which people may find of interest   Dear Durham City Cycling Forum Member   many thanks to all those who attended the Forum meeting a fortnight ago. The notes of this and the previous meetings are on the DCC cycling page. […]

Reporting Potholes or other road problems (2012-12-6)

At the 2012 AGM, it was mentioned that we should bring the Council’s attention to potholes. I have now found that there is a method where this can be done directly to the Council on the Highway Action Line (HAL) which can be found at http://www.durham.gov.uk/Pages/Service.aspx?ServiceId=6392 I think we must accept that Councils are facing severe financial problems […]

Report to AGM 2012 (2012-11-14)

    BISHOP AUCKLAND CYCLING CLUB AGM OCTOBER 2012   At the AGM last year, I agreed to consider planning applications to see if they may have cycling implications. I do this on behalf of CPRE already and adding a further dimension is no problem. I concentrate on County Durham but if my attention is […]