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Sunday 25th November (2012-11-26)

The weather forecast for today was dreadful but in reality it was much worse. The sane members of the club went shopping in the morning with a hope of a ride out when the weather cleared at lunchtime. Four ‘not quite sane’ members set off as usual in the morning in the pouring rain to […]

Sunday 25th November (2012-11-26)

Rescue on 18th November (2012-11-20)

Thanks to Andy for the following:-  After the café stop on the Sunday ride, 18th November, seven riders were on the road to Romaldkirk when shouts of help were heard on a  farm track off the main road.  A lady had fallen off her horse and had a possible broken collar bone and hand.  An ambulance […]

Sunday 18th November (2012-11-20)

Sixteen out today while Eddy and Nikki were away on cyclo-cross duties. A small culture group of 3 took advantage of the decent weather for a steady round trip on the lines to Durham for refreshments. The bright but low sunshine led to the remaining 13 on a Keith and Andy route, keeping the sun […]

Report to AGM 2012 (2012-11-14)

    BISHOP AUCKLAND CYCLING CLUB AGM OCTOBER 2012   At the AGM last year, I agreed to consider planning applications to see if they may have cycling implications. I do this on behalf of CPRE already and adding a further dimension is no problem. I concentrate on County Durham but if my attention is […]

Commercial development Tindale Crescent (2012-11-14)

  1 June 2012     Strategic Planning Team Durham County Council Durham County Office County Hall Durham DH1 5UQ   Dear Sir   PLANNING APPLICATION CMA/3/40 LAND AT TINDALE CRESCENT BISHOP AUCKLAND   I refer to this application.   On behalf of the Bishop Auckland Cycling Club I do not object to this proposal. […]

Housing proposal Aykley Heads – now approved (2012-11-14)

  7 March 2012     Dear Sir,   CMA/4/71 PROPOSED HOUSING AND POLICE HQ DEVELOPMENT AT AYKLEY HEADS   I have agreed with the Bishop Auckland Cycling Club that I will comment on applications that I consider may have cycling issues. I think this now has added relevance taking into account The Times “Cities […]

Housing proposal High Rigg Barnard Castle – now approved (2012-11-14)

    18 March 2012   DurhamCountyCouncil Barnard Castle Area Office Teesdale House Galgate BarnardCastle CoDurham DL12 8EL   Dear Sir   6/2012/0047/DM LAND AT HIGH RIGGS Darlington Road Barnard castle   I refer to this application.   I have agreed with the Club that I will consider planning applications where cycling issues may arise. […]

S Tyneside draft Green Infrastructure – letter to S Tyneside (2012-11-14)

      April 2012   Spatial Planning Team Housing Strategy and Regulatory Services South Tyneside Council Town Hall and Civic Offices Westoe Road South Shields NE33 2RL   Dear Sir   DRAFT GREEN INFRASTRUCTURE LDF   I have agreed to consider planning issues on behalf of the Bishop Auckland Cycling Club. As we cycle […]

Draft Cycling strategy – letter to Council (2012-11-14)

19 April 2012   Victoria Lloyd Sustainable Travel Officer Transport, Regeneration & Economic Development Durham County Council County Hall, Durham DH1 5UQ Dear Victoria,   DRAFT COUNTY DURHAM CYCLING STRATEGY AND ACTION PLAN   Thank you for asking me to comment on this document. While I have some general comments, I believe this is much […]