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Sunday 5 August (2013-8-5)

Two groups set out from the Market Place today. As age progresses, I joined the slower group. It was a bit windy and overcast at the start. Question was whether to take a waterproof but many of us decided against it – and hoped we were right. As it turned out, we were and the […]

Bike Theft Reduction Campaign (2013-8-5)

There is a meeting tomorrow (6 August) at County Hall starting at 10.00 to discuss this Campaign with the Police. The Police have produced a Report on how they are dealing with this and ways people can better protect their bike. Unfortunately it is about 30 pages too long but if anyone wants to read […]

Strategic Cycling Routes (2013-8-1)

Further to my previous post, two draft maps have now been prepared, one for Durham City and the other for the County. These can be seen by clicking on the following link and then clicking on “Supporting Documents” at the bottom of the information At present this looks very broad brush but hopefully there […]