Sunday 24th February

A small group gathered at the Market Place on this cold damp morning. Snow lay on the minor roads from the previous day and there was quite a snow flurry just before people met.

Four went for a walk, one cycled to Durham but three hardy (is that synonymous with “mad”?) members went to Cotherstone.

The road to Evenwood Gate was of course clear. As we turned left down towards Hilton, some snow lay on the road. Taking the ┬ároad towards Ingleton, we then took the minor road to link up with the Staindrop road below Wackerfield. By the time we joined the “main” road, bikes and riders were pretty dirty but the sun had begun to shine.

A pleasant ride then towards Staindrop and down through Cleatlam, Little Newsham and towards Whorlton it even began to feel warm. As we turned towards Barney and past Bowes Museum, the weather was again on the change. By the time we left Barney and were cycling towards Lartington and Cotherstone, it was snowing and feeling pretty cold.

Losing one of the number at Cotherstone (OK deliberately as he went home), we proceeded towards Romaldkirk and then cut the corner to Eggleston. It was no longer snowing but still quite cold.

Then up the click from Eggleston and across Folly Top towards Woodland. The snow may have stopped but the wind (against of course) was cold even if not strong. Then back down to Bishop where it took a little while to thaw out in the car!

Computer not taken but probably 45 to 50 miles.

The four walkers headed over the viaduct and onto rail path towards Hunwick. Leaving the path we headed down towards the river, along it towards Sunnybrow via some very muddy and slippy steps both up and down to eventually rejoin rail path and a flatter slippy walk back to Bishop for refreshments at Weatherspoons – where we were joined by the chairman who just happened to appear in time for lunch. A total of 7 miles walked.

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