Planning Application for 400 houses at Langley Park

28 April 2013

Durham County Council
Planning Development Central East
PO Box 616

Dear Sir,


I refer to this application.

It is noted that this application will affect the cycle route on the Lanchester Way, part of National Cycle Network Route 14.

While the affected part of the route is fairly short, it is still important. Safety is an increasingly important issue and we note that only this week a Parliamentary Report has been published on cycling issues. This has resulted from The Times “Cities fit for Cycling” Campaign which has received widespread political support.

The essence of this Parliamentary Report is to promote cycling particularly safety. Of course, it still requires Parliamentary support to become law but it is represented it is an important document. The essence of this application appears to be to detrimentally affect an important cycling feature at this location without properly addressing the issues.

In addition, cycling is treated with the utmost importance in the National Planning Policy Framework. It is also an important topic in the Preferred Options for the emerging Local Plan. Further, the County Council has recently produced a Cycling Strategy which addresses not only recreational and safety issues but also gives some planning guidance considerations.

The effect of this application is to detrimentally affect part of a National Cycle Route. The comfort of using this route will be affected where it runs alongside the proposed access road for the estate. This is not a minor issue. 400 houses are likely to attract a significant number of vehicles and so could have a major impact on the character of this length of the route.

Further the plans show that the Way will have to cross the new road. While a special crossing is proposed, it does not appear that this will be light controlled and could have significant safety implications especially when at the present time at this point there are virtually none.

It is noted that Sustrans have been consulted but it does not appear they have commented on the application. Their views on it are therefore not, at least at this stage, apparent.

We also represent that in view of all the Policy documents mentioned above, there should be a positive attitude in addressing sustainable transport, particularly cycling, in this application. While it is accepted that this is an outline application, it is still represented that this is an important issue and that the application is light on this point.

For these reasons it is represented that this application should be refused

Yours faithfully

R Cowen

Richard Cowen

Richard posted at 2013-5-12 Category: News