Sunderland and Gateshead Local Plans

I know we do not cycle often in these areas but both of course lie within the old County Durham.

Sunderland has recently produced a Core Strategy and Preferred Options document for Consultation (which expired on 11 October). The Council has made a number of good proposals to encourage cycling in the future.

I have not written on behalf of the Club as we do not go to Sunderland very often but have made a number of comments for Campaign to Protect Rural England.  These included some cycling comments to support these proposals but also to make some suggestions eg to ensure safe connections from new developments to the existing cycle network and to have cycle parking provision at new retail developments

Gateshead has joined with Newcastle to produce a joint Plan and they are at a far more advanced stage than Sunderland. They have now produced their “pre-submission” draft which effectively is the last stage before the Plan is (almost inevitably) tested at an Examination in Public.

This Plan also contains many provisions for cycling which can be supported. There are perhaps a few lacunae and (again as CPRE as we go there possibly less often than we go to Sunderland) I have made some responses to support the proposals and suggest all new developments do connect to the cycling network, that it should be safe and to suggest changing/showering facilities at new places of employment.

For information, Durham produced its “pre-submission” draft on 14 October. I will be considering this in the near future (the Consultation Period lasts for 6 weeks) and I anticipate that if cycling comments are required I will be writing on behalf of the Club as well as CPRE

Richard posted at 2013-10-20 Category: Local Cycling Issues