Manchester Velodrome 20th May

This is a report received from Richard from his introductory session at the velodrome.

I will start with the superlatives, the most fun I have had with my clothes on, fantastic, exciting and brilliant.  In a nutshell a very nice time thank you.

Housekeeping :-

  • Cost £11 for one hour if you book well in advance, plus £4.50 for shoe hire.
  • All the sessions tend to be full (16 riders) so you need to book early.
  • Give yourself time to get there, the rush hour means it can take an extra hour than to get home.
  • Arrive about 45 minutes before your session as getting your kit, filling in medicals and changing takes a while and gives your time to see the previous session. (although the session before when I arrived was a bit special, more about that later)
  • Take a camera!

Four of us arrived at the velodrome at 16.00 for our session at 17.00 and were invited to the gallery to look at the track.  The first thing that hits you is the steepness of the banking as it looks vertical.  It actually is a 42 degree angle, this with the width of the track makes it look very intimidating for an old one.

The British Cycling Team were doing maintenance on their bikes when we arrived along with a Sir Chris Hoy who gave us 30 minutes of their training regime.  They were passing 2 feet away from us at the top of the track!

Once suited up we met John our coach and we were the only 4 first timers of a mixed bag of 16 including some kids.  Once the Health and Safety was covered we went around a couple of times at the bottom of the track and were then left to use the track as we wanted.

With the incline of the course I thought I should stay at the bottom, but after a couple of  laps and going fast enough we were using the full width of the track.  After an hour I was knackered.

Fantastic, one of the best cycle days I have had.

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