Reporting Potholes or other road problems

At the 2012 AGM, it was mentioned that we should bring the Council’s attention to potholes. I have now found that there is a method where this can be done directly to the Council on the Highway Action Line (HAL) which can be found at

I think we must accept that Councils are facing severe financial problems at present so it is highly unlikely that roads will be maintained to the same standard as before. But potholes can cause damage to vehicles (including bikes) at best and injury at worst. Councils can be legally responsible if they do not repair faults of which they are aware.

So if you find a serious pothole in a road maintainable at the public expense, then why not use this method to report it directly to the Council. You will need to give the location of the pothole so do make a note of where it is. And I suggest you give some details as to its size and depth as well.

Of course, this HAL only applies to any potholes in County Durham but I presume other Councils have a similar facility.

There is also an APP for smartphones called ‘Fill that Hole’ in association with the CTC which sends info and photo to them.

It may also be useful for the Club to keep a record of any reports made so perhaps you could let me know if you do make one. E mail me at

Richard posted at 2012-12-6 Category: Local Cycling Issues