Sunday 23rd December

The seven club members who had finished their Christmas shopping headed out towards Piercebridge.

With a gentle breeze wafting through the tree tops and light showers dampening the parched ground the seven soon became six as an unforeseen appointment with a Christmas fairy beckoned.

At West Auckland the six became four as two wanted to be first in the queue at Santa’s Grotto to get the best presents.

The four continued on in ideal cycling conditions through Ingleton before pausing at the leisure pool on the road near Summerhouses for a paddle.  After ensuring that wheels, hubs and feet were thoroughly cooled by the warm clear water the ride continued to Piercebridge.  Here a traditional Christmas lunch of toasted teacake and cheese was taken before a return homeward via Ingleton.

After Ingleton there was a further split with three going via Hilton and West Auckland either home or to the pub.  The other one put in a loop towards the North Pole (sorry Woodland but they are pretty similar!) via Wackerfield, Burnthouses and Butterknowle.

A pleasant pre Christmas ride of between 30 and 45 miles.

Keith posted at 2012-12-23 Category: Sunday Rides